Why is there a ticket fee?

Great question! We don't consider our Makers Market Sun Prairie a "traditional craft fair" like you may be used to. It's an event for us, where you get to enjoy live music, food trucks, and a curated line up of incredibly talented local makers. It's an event that is not free to host by any means once you consider the additional insurance, city permits, porta potty rentals, musician fees, marketing, grounds rental, our time spent coordinating and so many more small details. As a small business trying to create new events for the community the entrance fee helps us cover these costs. We truly try to make our event an experience that you can come share the whole day with us.

Where do I park?

We have ample parking at Angell Park in which you will be able to park on the grounds just steps from Makers Market Sun Prairie. Parking is free.

Where can I get vendor details?

We are always accepting new vendor applications at Makers Market Sun Prairie. You can head here to get more details.

If I buy something big is there any help to get it to my vehicles?

We have volunteers that can help with large items. Our porters will haul your goods from the vendor booths to our large item pick up tent. We have a convenient pick-up area for all shoppers to load these items into their vehicles.

Can I bring my pet to hang with me for the day?

Unfortunately, NO pets are allowed at the Makers Market. Service pets are the only exception.

What steps are you taking for COVID-19?

- Face masks are required for all Brass Tacks workers/volunteers, vendors, and customers. - All booths will be spaced 6’ from each other. - Booths will be 12’ for the front by 15’ deep. You will NOT be allowed to display beyond your booth marking so that we can keep walkways and empty space clear for social distancing. (double booths will be 24’ x 15’) - Masks are recommended but not required while on the grounds. - We will be monitoring the crowd size at the front entrance gate to keep in line with the capacity guidelines set by Dane County Health Department. - Additional hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the grounds. - We strongly encourage you to think about the layout of your booth set up to keep yourself and customers safe. We are NOT making any safety requirements on your set up.

Where is Makers Market Sun Prairie located?

Makers Market Sun Prairie is held at Firemen's Angell Park, 315 Park Street, Sun Prairie, WI. We will be using the green space located at the north-east part of the park which includes a lush green space, plenty of on-site parking and just steps away from the Sun Prairie Dream Park. In this location we are able to offer multiple booth options with or without shelter as well as on-site parking for vendors and customers.

Do you allow Direct Sales?

No, we do not allow direct sales, MLM, or pyramid scheme businesses at Makers Market Sun Prairie.

How many vendors do you have at Makers Market Sun Prairie?

We have a variety of 100-150+ vendors.

When are your markets?

We host a Spring and Fall outdoor Makers Market Sun Prairie. Spring is in May and Fall is in October. May 14th, 2022 October 1st, 2022