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Outdoor Spring/Fall MMSP

May 18th and October 5th 2024

9:00 - 3:00

Our Spring/Fall market is an outdoor market featuring  local vendors showcasing handcrafted goods, vintage finds, boutique items and lifestyle goods.  We handpick a variety of artists, dreamers, and collectors and gather them all in one place for a unique shopping experience. 

Vendor Details

Outdoor Spring/Fall MMSP is held at Firemen's Angell Park, 315 Park Street, Sun Prairie, WI. We are located in the green space located at the north-east part of the park which includes a lush green space, plenty of on-site parking and just steps away from the Sun Prairie Dream Park. 

How To Apply 

Applications will open in January 2024 for Spring and Fall 2024 Makers Market Sun Prairie. 

Facts About The Market

This is a juried show, set-up & display are important. We will be visiting your social media to look through photos of your merchandising. If you have not sold at a show before or are just starting up please do not hesitate to apply. We love finding new talent! Not all applications will be accepted. (No direct sales (MLM) businesses)

We accept vintage collectors, handmade artisan vendors, lifestyle good vendors, specialty boutiques, artists, & local food vendors. We are seeking unique, current, & interesting items that our customers will be excited to shop. We limit the amount of vendors in each category. You may have a few "new mass produced" items in your booth but the majority of merchandise for sale must be handcrafted, vintage, boutique items or locally made. ​


INSURANCE IS REQUIRED - Each vendor must obtain a policy that provides coverage for their booth space. COI must be received within 3 weeks of your application acceptance to secure your booth space. One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing homeowners or business insurance policy. Makers Market Sun Prairie/City of Sun Prairie/Firemen's Angell Park Speedway are not responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth.


Booth Spaces

This is an outdoor venue, weather will always be a gamble. MMSP is a RAIN OR SHINE event. A tent is strongly encouraged but is not required. You must provide your own WHITE TENT. If you have a mobile truck or trailer set up you will need to apply for an open air booth space based on the size of your footprint.

Vendors are expected to have their booths styled in a pleasing & inviting manor. This is NOT a flea-market type event. No vendor vehicles/trailers will be allowed to remain on the market grounds. Trailers and vehicles MUST be off the market grounds by 8:15AM. All vendors are in charge of their own booths & must have at least one representative in your booth at all times. We do not have the option for electricity for any of our booth spaces. 

Booth availability is on a juried basis, there is no guarantee specific booths will be available at a later date. For a variety of reasons we do not guarantee that any vendor who participates in a previous market will be automatically accepted into a future market.

Open Air Booth:

Open air booths are set up on grass around a gravel walking path. Single open air booth spaces are 12' frontage x 15' deep. A tent is recommended for open air booths. 

  • 12'w x 15'd - $145

*5' deep can be added to select booths for $10

*end cap booths have additional fee


Sheltered Booth:

Sheltered booths are located under an open sided gravel floor pavilion. You must fit yourself/any helpers within your footprint.

  • 10'x5' - $100

  • 10'x10' - $185

Stage Booths (not handicap accessible)

  • 13' x 4.5' - $110

  • 13.5' x 10' - $249.75


Food Court Area:

For vendors with trucks/trailers/generators preparing food on site.

  • 12' frontage - $145

  • 13'-18' frontage - $217.50

  • 19-24' frontage - $290

Booth payment is required when submitting your application. Payments are non-refundable within 30 days of the date of MMSP


Vendor Helpers​

Each vendor will receive 3 wristbands to be worn on the grounds. If you need additional wristbands, a ticket must be purchased. There is no charge for kids 12 & under. It is your responsibility to get wristbands to your helpers. They cannot enter the market grounds without it.


Show Set Up and Breakdown

Friday Night - 3:00pm-7:00pm

Market Day - 6:00am **No cars will be allowed on the grounds after 8am**

The market grounds are fenced in & MMSP will have overnight security on the grounds Friday night. MMSP & security is not responsible for any damage or theft of items in your booth. 

  • You MUST arrive before 8:00am if you are setting up your entire booth on Saturday morning.

  • Vendor entrance will close at 8:00am sharp.

  • If you arrive after 8:00am on Saturday to begin booth set up you will not be allowed on the grounds and your booth fees will be forfeited. 

  • After 8am, for vendors already partially set up, you will need to porter on any additional items from the parking area.  

  • All vehicles must be removed from the market grounds and relocated to vendor parking by 8:15am on Saturday.

  • All booths must be completely set up by 9:00 am. 

Vendors may NOT start breaking down their booth and no vehicles or trailers will be allowed on the grounds prior to the close of the market at 3:00 pm. Vehicles will be allowed back on market grounds for load out at 3:00 pm. 

Sales Tax Requirements

All vendors are responsible for charging & filing their own Wisconsin sales tax (5.5%) for sales during the market. 


Pet Policy

Absolutely NO PETS are allowed at Makers Market Sun Prairie


Check out our FAQ or email us at

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