Vendor Information

How do I apply

Please read through all the market details before submitting your application. Please subscribe to our vendor email list to be notified when applications are open for future markets.

What type of vendors do you accept?

We accept vintage collectors, handmade artisan vendors, lifestyle good vendors, specialty boutiques, artists, and local food vendors. We are seeking unique, current, and interesting items that our customers will be excited to shop. We limit the amount of vendors in each category so that our vendors do great and our customers have a good variety of vendors to shop. You may have a few "new mass produced" items in your booth but the majority of merchandise for sale must be handcrafted, vintage, or locally made. This is a juried show, set-up and display are very important. We will be visiting your social media sites to look through photos of your merchandising. If you have not sold at a show before or are just starting up please do not hesitate to apply. We love finding new talent that is just starting out. Not all applications will be accepted. We do not allow direct sales (MLM) or pyramid scheme businesses

What are booth fees and sizes?

2022 Market Season Fees: -Single Open Air Booth (12' x 15') - $135 -Single Fully Sheltered Booth (10' x 10') -$185 -Double Open Air Booth (24' x 15') - $270 -Double Fully Sheltered Booth (20' x 10') -$370 -Food Vendor Space: $135 Booth fees are collected when you submit your application. All applicants not accepted to the market will be reimbursed the full booth fee. *Fees are subject to change*

When is set up and tear down for Markets?

Friday Night (before market) - 3:00pm-7:00pm Saturday (day of market) - 5:30am **No cars will be allowed on the grounds after 7:45am** The market grounds are fenced in and Makers Market Sun Prairie will be hiring security detail for Friday night. Makers Market SP and security is not responsible for any damage or theft of items left in your booth. All vehicles must be removed from the market area and relocated to the vendor parking no later than 8:15am on Saturday. All booths must be completely set up by 9:00 am. Vendors may NOT start breaking down their booth and NO VEHICLES OR TRAILERS will be allowed on the grounds prior to the close of the market at 3:00 pm. Vehicles will be allowed back to the market area for loading after closing at 3:00 pm.

Does Makers Markets Sun Prairie take a percentage of my sales from the day?

Absolutely not! All sales made in your booth the day of our event are yours to keep. However, all vendors are responsible for charging and filing their own Wisconsin sales tax (5.5%) for sales during the market. Be sure to account for paying Uncle Sam after the market is over. :)

I have some big items but how are customers going to get them to their vehicles?

We have volunteers that can help with large item pick-ups from your booth. These porters are volunteers and they are not responsible for any breakage or damage while transporting or loading goods if you choose to use them. We will have a convenient pick-up area for all shoppers to load these items into their vehicles.

Do I need insurance for Makers Market Sun Prairie

It's encouraged but not required that each vendor obtain a policy that provides coverage for their booth space. One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing homeowners or business insurance policy for a very low cost. Brass Tacks Resale, Angell Park or City of Sun Prairie are not responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. Please make sure you keep a safe clear aisle through your booth.

Can I bring my pet to hang with me for the day?

Unfortunately, NO pets are allowed at the Makers Market. Service pets are the only exception.

What is your refund policy?

The full booth fee is required to complete your application to the market. If you are not accepted to the market you will be refunded in full as soon as you are notified. If you are accepted into Makers Market Sun Prairie and are no longer able to attend, you will be reimbursed your full booth fee if we are notified 10 weeks before the market's opening date. There are no booth refunds 10 weeks prior to the market. Makers Market Sun Prairie takes place rain or shine

I've applied to past MMSP but didn't get in, should I apply again?

Absolutely! Just because you weren't accepted to a past show doesn't necessarily mean you won't be accepted the next time around. At every market we limit the amount of vendors in each category so that our vendors do great and our customers have a good variety of vendors to shop There are a few categories that ALWAYS fill up quickly like jewelry. So we are often forced to pass on great vendors in this and other more popular categories.

Where is Makers Market Sun Prairie located?

Makers Market Sun Prairie is held at Firemen's Angell Park, 315 Park Street, Sun Prairie, WI. We will be using the green space located at the north-east part of the park which includes a lush green space, plenty of on-site parking and just steps away from the Sun Prairie Dream Park. In this location we are able to offer multiple booth options with or without shelter as well as on-site parking for vendors and customers.

Do you allow Direct Sales?

No, we do not allow direct sales, MLM, or pyramid scheme businesses at Makers Market Sun Prairie.

How many vendors do you have at Makers Market Sun Prairie?

We have host a variety of 100-150+ vendors.

How many customers do you have at Makers Market Sun Prairie?

On average we host about 1700-2000+ customers at Makers Market Sun Prairie. Makers Market Sun Prairie is a ticketed event for all customers. We always get a great crowd of shoppers!

When are your markets?

We host a Spring and Fall outdoor Makers Market Sun Prairie. Spring is in May and Fall is in October.

Do you donate any vendor booth spaces for charities and local organizations?

We love working with local charities and organizations. Please emails us at to share your booth idea and get more information.

Can I share a booth with another vendor?

You are welcomed to share a booth space with another vendor. Both vendors must apply separately and state in their application who they would like to share a booth with. If both vendors are accepted, one booth fee submission will be reimbursed. Both vendors will be listed on our website and vendor map but only 1 vendor will be marketed through our Social Media outlets. Please inform us which vendor would like to be featured on our social media for your shared booth in your application.

Do I need a tent?

Any tent used for Makers Market Sun Prairie MUST be white. You are not required to have a tent but we highly recommend one as Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable. Tents are the responsibility of each vendor. Makers Market Sun Prairie does not provide any tents.

General Requirements

- Makers Market Sun Prairie will be held rain or shine. - There are no booth refunds within 8 weeks of the market. - All tents used on the grounds must be white. - All vendors must be set up completely by 9:00am when the gates open and must remain fully set up until 3:00pm when the gates close. - Vendors may share a booth but both vendors must apply and be approved. Please read through the FAQ below for more details